Market: Gaming & Hospitality

Location: Princeton, NJ

AV Integrator: Starlite Productions

AV Design Consultant: Jaffe Holden

Solution: PRV55LCWLUN5 + PRV Smart Mounts


You are on your way from New England to Philadelphia to sign the Declaration of Independence. Where do you spend the night as you pass

Princeton, New Jersey.

The College Inn, of course. You would be in the company of American Revolution luminaries Paul Revere, Robert Morris, and Thomas Paine, who were regular visitors. During the war for independence, the inn's tap room was frequented by Continental, British, and Hessian members of tin' military.

Located in the center of downtown Princeton, this sophisticated inn serves as a fully functional con­ference and event space as well. In order
to attract today's iPhone-wielding, tech-savvy conference and event attendees, Nassau Inn must invest in tomorrow's technology; Starlite Productions was the company to provide it.

The centerpiece of the new high-tech ballroom, hidden behind wooden pocket doors, is a l65·inch full 1920 X 1080 high-definition viewing
experience in nine Primeview PRVSSLCWLUN 55inch LCD panels. With a built in video processor, these Primeview panels offer a nearly nonexistent bezel that measures only 5.7 mm between pixels. To make full use of the amazing picture quality of the Primeview panels, it only makes sense to include a high-end Oppo BDP-93 Blue Ray and DVD player.


The ballroom now hosts a Marshall MLAM-35 room presented its own set of challenges and mahogany lectern adding a new level of executive sophistication. The podium includes a Crestron C2N-FT-TPS4·B Podium touch panel, which gives the speaker complete control over the ballroom's audio, video, lighting and shades through seamless communication with the Crestron control system.


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