Market: Broadcast

Location: Atlanta, GA

AV Consultant Designer: Clickspring

AV Integrator: Diversified Systems

Manufacturer Partner: ORAD Graphics

Solution: Multiple Primeview Video Walls

The Weather Channel knows the chance of rain in Columbus, the humidity in Baltimore and will inform you when to prepare for a hurricane coming your way.  As the world’s leading provider of weather information, The Weather Channel broadcasts the weather forecast, weather related news, analysis and documentaries.

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia The Weather Channel uses their over 75 years of expertise on weather analysis to provide accurate information making sure their followers are well prepared for their day-to-day routine and upcoming travel plans. In efforts to be ahead of the curve, The Weather Channel brought in the consultants at Clickspring and the Diversified Systems team to design and build new studios ensuring weather reports and data are televised in a clear and creative fashion. The show’s content and visual aid and effects are displayed on a floating array of Primeview’s seamless plasma video walls, driven by ORAD Graphic's TD Control, giving the anchors creative freedom in their presentations.
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