End user: The Port of Ashdod

Market: Command and Control

Location: Ashdod, Israel

Solution: 2x4 Array of PRV49SNGUR + Primeview Processor PRVC2S1140 + Primeview Professional Installation Services

The Port of Ashdod is the leading economic gateway to the State of Israel.  It is very close to the country’s major commercial centers and highways. Being Israel’s main operating division that consolidates, manages and strengthens the connection between Ashdod Port Co. and its customers in Israel and abroad in the logistics and shipping sector, there is a lot of monitoring and security involved.

The Division stresses customer service and provides direct and swift responses to needs and requests, while adhering to an outstanding approach in service and a commitment to providing efficient and quality service, where an enhancement of command and control is required. 

Their main control room recently underwent a renovation. Primeview aided by deploying a 2x4 array of 49” FHD monitors (PRV49SNGUR). The video walls are run by Primeview’s video and data wall processor (PRVC2S1140) which has an embedded platform for mission critical environments requiring media processing and monitoring of multiple diverse sources over the network. This will improve surveillance feed, better longevity and more interaction.

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