End User: Ben Gurion Airport

Market: Security

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

AV Reseller: Distribution

Solution: PRV46LCWUN6 + PRV Smart Mounts

Ben Gurion airport is considered one of the world's most secure airports with a security force that includes Israel Police officers, IDF, and Israel Border Police soldiers. The airport handled more than 14.2 million passengers in 2013. Airport security guards operate both in uniform and undercover to maintain a high level of vigilance and detect any possible threats. The airport has been the target of several terrorist attacks, but no attempt to hijack a plane departing from Ben Gurion airport has succeeded.

To provide consistent, coordinated, and highly effective security, a security monitoring room was created. The monitoring room is where security team members can monitor the traffic of the airport and alert the front house security team of any suspicious activity. The Primeview's 46-inch video wall solution was deployed with two video walls to be the "eyes and ears" of the security team. This enables them to keep travelers safe by providing the highest level of security possible.
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