Market: Corporate                                     

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

AV Integrator: SoundCom Systems

Set Designer: TAD Associates     

Solution: PRV984KOPLED

EQT is one of the United States of America’s largest gas producers. Not every company can say it mixes the experience and strength of an organization that has been in the natural gas industry for nearly 130 years with the attitude and innovation of a startup, but EQT does just that.

When remodeling their offices, located in Pittsburgh, EQT pursued the highest level of excellence, efficiency, and clear imagery. Together with integrator SoundCom and set designers from TAD Associates, Primeview deployed a PRV984KLED. The KLED is situated in the main room of the office space (see photos below). All 98 inches of the screen displays multimedia information useful for meetings, conferences, basic information updating employees, and much more. 
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