Primeview, a global leader in visualization products, today announced that the company will continue its’ series of webinars to address evolving market needs and design requirements amid the covid19 pandemic.

The upcoming webinar will feature a live panel addressing audio visual (A/V) thought leadership for the workplace environments to discuss the importance of a holistic design approach with key vendor relationships for the re-opening of the office space.

WHAT: As a result of COVID-19, the workplace will be forever changed. Simply “returning” to our former offices, will not address the underlying issues. While the hybrid office might look similar in many ways, it is going to be modified in strategic ways, incorporating new practices, new protocols, and new technologies. As an industrial leader in display systems, Primeview will be moderating a panel that consists of A/V experts from SKC Communications, AVTech Media, AVI Systems, WSP, Waveguide Consulting, Newcomb & Boyd, Logitech and Mersive collaboration solutions.

WHEN: March 17th, 2021 at 11:00am EST via ZOOM (registration in advance required).

WHY ATTEND: with re-opening of the office now around the corner, people around the world are laser focused on how to improve team collaboration and meaningful experiences at the workplace. It is critical for both existing and new build-outs to evaluate what systems are important to plan for and how can these newly minted technologies be integrated.

The audience will learn:

* Industry expectations on what the workplace will look like post the return-to-work area.
* Efficient design alternatives to address the most prolific pain points of workplace end-users today.
* Types of hybrid workplace solutions and emergence of IOT with “SMART” integrated building technology.
* How to create value for clients in the commoditization world of A/V?
* The real impact Covid19 had on deploying touchless technology without compensating on simplicity.
* How will commercial real-estate change over the next five years?
* What is the real purpose and identity behind the office / workplace / meeting place?